Liege gets smart parking through NB-IoT technology

Posted At 2018 Sep 25 in Smart City


Belgium-based CommuniThings has partnered with Orange to launch the first smart-parking solution over NB-IoT technology for commercial use.

Dubbed as "Shop & Drive", the solution assists commuters to find available parking space via a mobile application at the same time as stimulating shopping activities through increased vehicle rotations at each spot. This Shop & Drive smart parking solution running on Orange Belgium's Mobile IoT network introduces low-power wireless sensors and open-data applications serving residents, retailers and municipalities.

CommuniThings has been selected by Orange Fab BeLux – an accelerator programme for startups.

Etay Oren, CEO of CommuniThings, said: "With the smart parking solution we developed for the city of Liège, users can view real-time parking occupancy on their smartphone and even navigation to the available space.  Once parked, they are allowed 30 minutes of free parking in order to carry out necessity shopping. Parking controllers are informed in real-time of the parking duration.

“Parking managers receive statistics on usage patterns per parking and comparative analysis between periods. Previous deployments showed a threefold increase in number of vehicle rotations per spot,” added Oren.

“We are also very proud to launch this smart parking solution over the NB-IoT technology and we look forward to deepen our cooperation with Orange's technical experts to introduce additional dedicated low-power solutions for different segments across cities and enterprises."

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